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Softwater Drilling foam



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Drilling foam (1-55B) is a strong foaming agent for drilling applications that exhibits efficient foaming properties in Soft water. It can also be used with water contaminated with high concentrations of crude oil. Its unique formulation is compatible with ordinary thickeners like C.M.C. which usually apply to increase the stability of the foam.
General Properties
Density (gr/cc) at 20oc
1.02 ± 0.02
PH  at 20oc
7 ± 1
Viscosity (c.st) at 20oc
10 ± 5
Freezing point (oc)
-0  to  -3
Sediments (%)
  • Notice: Above specifications can be adjusted as per customer´s requests.
  • Handling and storage
Drilling foam (1-55B) is a stable formulation in normal and ambient conditions however it should be stored in a roofed area and avoid any direct sunlight or frigid weather.
Use no hook when handling plastic drums.
  • Safety considerations
Drilling foam (1-55B) is formulated from nontoxic chemicals and has no harm to the skin, but in case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water and have a physician’s advice.
  • Packaging
Drilling foam (1-55B) is packed in 60, 220, or 1000-lit plastic drums on pallets.