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Potassium bicarbonate firefighting powder


Fire Extinguish

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Po-700 is a powerful fire-extinguishing powder based on potassium bicarbonate and is suitable for fire of classes B + C, including flammable liquids and gas. It is ten times more powerful than sodium bicarbonate base powder.
General properties
Fire Class
Apparent Density g/cm3
0.88, Min
Percentage of humidity %
0.2 by weight maximum
20 kg Double plastic bags in polyethylene drum
Notice: Above specifications can be adjusted as per customer´s requests.
Safety precautions
This product is not flammable or poisonous, but do not breath its powder if possible. In case of contact with the eyes wash with water.
Safety and handling
Store in normal conditions and avoid any direct sunlight or excessive heat. Do not use hooks and do not put bags on each other at heights more than 1.5 meters. It is recommended to store in dry weather and out of reach of any humidity or wet conditions.