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High Expansion Foam


Fire Extinguish

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High expansion foam (1-36) is a foaming agent based on a mixture of hydrocarbon base surfactants, which is categorized as high expansion foam. It is suitable for the prevention of fire development in storage areas and mine galleries as well as tank farm trenches. The foam expansion ratio is between 200 to 1000.
General Properties
Density ( g/cm3 ) at 20oc
1.05 ± 0.02
pH  at 20oc
7 ± 1
Viscosity (c.st) at 20oc
30 – 100
Freezing point (oc)
-7  to  -12
Sediments (% v/v)
Expansion ratio
  • Notice: Above specifications can be adjusted as per customer´s requests.
  • Handling and storage
High expansion foam (1-36) is stable at normal and ambient conditions for long times. However, it should not be stored in direct sunlight. Keep the container closed.
Avoid dropping from high altitude and use no hook for transportation. Also, it is better to store the drums on the pallets.
  • Safety considerations
This foam is normally safe and nontoxic when contacted with hand or skin, but in case of contact with eyes wash with plenty of water and have a physician´s advice.
  • Packaging
High expansion foam (1-36) is packed in 60-lit and or 220-lit plastic drums, on the pallet. It is also packed in a 1000-lit plastic tote tank.
  • Application
High expansion foam (1-36) is considered to be high expansion foam and it can be made by a special foam maker to the ratio of 200-1000 fold of its original foam solution. It can also may be used as medium or low-expansion foam when special conditions necessitate.
In some special cases where prevention of the development of fire is essential, it may be used as medium expansion with 20-200 fold foam volume.