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Fire Extinguish

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FFFP (1-14) contains hydrolyzed protein and preservatives, together with a blend of fluorinated surfactants to achieve the maximum synergistic effect. The blend of Fluor chemicals selected is effective in reducing the surface tension of water as well as the interfacial tension between water and oil sufficiently low to give stable film on the surface of the fuel and as a result it gives fire extinguishing rates superior to those obtained with synthetic-based compounds.
General Properties
Dark brown
Recommended induction rate
3-6 %
Density ( g/cc ) at 200c
1.17 ± 0.02
PH at 20ºc
6.0 – 8.5
Viscosity (c.st) at 200c
≤ 20
Freezing point (oc)
-12 to -18
Sediments MAX%
Foam expansion
6-10 times
Notice: Above specifications can be adjusted as per customer´s requests.
Handling and storage
FFFP (1-14) is stable at normal and ambient conditions for a long time. However, it should be avoided to store its package in direct sunlight due to deterioration of its plastic drum.
Avoid dropping drums from high points and use no hook for transportation.
Safety considerations
This foam is normally safe and nontoxic when contacted with hand or skin, but in case of contact with eyes wash immediately with plenty of water and have a physician´s advice.
FFFP (1-14) is packed in 60-lit and or 220-lit plastic drums. It is also packed in a metallic drum as per the customer´s desire, but our recommendation is a plastic drum.
FFFP (1-14) is considered as low expansion foam and foam to water ratio is usually 3 percent and fire fighting efficiency is maximum when its expansion is adjusted to 6-10 fold.