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Ementash Company Resume

EmenTash Sepahan Company (C.P.Co.) was established in 1367 with the aim of producing all kinds of useful chemicals. In the first phase, we started the production of fire extinguishing chemicals including extinguishing powder and fire extinguishing foam with a capacity of 6 thousand tons per year. So that after 3 years (since 1370), the country no longer needed to import any firefighting chemicals, including powder and foam. In parallel with that, in 1370, with the acquisition of technical knowledge, we started the production of drilling chemicals, antifoam, and defoamers. In total, we have a production capacity of 19 thousand tons per year therefore we are now the largest producer of firefighting chemicals, drilling chemicals, antifoam, de-foam, and all kinds of chemicals in the country.
The main focus of our company’s activities is in the form of responding to the needs of the country’s industries in the field of various chemicals, providing pre-and post-sale services by the sales engineering unit, guaranteeing the continuity of product quality, exporting products, and earning foreign currency for the country. By producing quality products that can compete with foreign products, this company has received a quality certificate from TUV NORD, Germany, as well as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 international certificates and the national standard of Iran.
Now, Ementash company has a great capacity of over 19 thousand tons of products per year and operates as the largest producer of fire fighting and oil drilling chemicals in the Middle East, which proudly distributes most of its products domestically to the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries as well as large chemical and steel industries. , airline, and… supply. Also, by exporting products to other countries, we have been able to acquire a relatively good share of foreign markets.
Co-founders-Mr. Hosseini
Mr. Morteza Iranpour – CEO at EmenTash Co., and his co-founders Mr. Sartaj & Mr. Hosseini
During the past three decades, we have been working tirelessly to deliver the best quality materials at the best price to our customers ranging from the largest refineries and petrochemical plants in Iran to all kinds of state firefighting stations customized to their special needs, and now we are proud to be the largest manufacturer of highly standardized firefighting and extinguishing foams and powders and also drilling foams and all kind of other useful chemicals in Iran serving customers all around the MENA region