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Customer Centralized Company

EmenTash Company has accredited and certified laboratories of the Iran Standards Authority (17025), and also is a partner laboratory of the Ministry of Cooperation, Labor, Cooperative and Social Welfare to conduct foam and fire extinguishing powder tests under Article 90 of the Labor Law and With the Integrated Management System (I.M.S) certificate, according to the importance and value of the customer in the organization, it defines and observes the following principles as customer communication processes.

– Dialogue and joint interaction with customers in order to provide the best and most complete solutions and fully meet customer expectations is the top priority.

– We always consider fair and honorable behavior and equality with all customers as one of the requirements of his moral principles and is diligent in complying with them.

– By considering the values, we put a price on the specific demands and needs of each customer.

– We create and maintain a clear and clear process to deal with customers’ requests and complaints and are always ready to receive customers’ suggestions and criticisms in order to deal with requests and complaints at any time and place, and from the time of raising the issue to the response And achieving results and confidence will remain with the customer.

– Fairly and away from any bias in order to solve the problems, it always deals with the actions and requests of the customers regardless of any direction and announces the result.

– Protecting the customer’s identity is part of our ethical principles and professional conduct, and compliance with this point is taken into account for their peace of mind.

This set of above principles is established as the principles of objectivity in all the processes of the organization and considers itself bound to implement them accurately and completely.