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Concrete foam – Chemical



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Chemical Concrete foam is a strong foaming solution that is used to produce all kinds of light concrete needed in the construction industry. By using this solution, air bubbles are spread evenly throughout the cement slurry, and a cellular structure is formed throughout the cement slurry.
Features foam concrete
– Lightweight
– Optimum resistance according to its specific weight
– High economic value due to its large volume
– Suitable insulation against moisture, heat, and sound
– Suitable resistance to frost and fire
– Ease of installation and movement of prefabricated parts
Dark brown liquid
Density in 20 degrees cent. (gr/cc)
gr/c.c  02/0 ±  02/1
Viscosity in 20 degrees cent. (c.st)
20 – 15  cst
pH  10% in 20 degrees cent. 
1 ±  7
Dispersity in water
Completely disperse
cement compatibility
compatible with Portland cement
• Dosage :
The amount of foam consumption varies according to factors such as density, final mortar, and amount of water, cement, and sand.
• Method of Use:
For use, it must be diluted with water, and the diluted solution, passing through the foam production device, produces uniform and stable foams with a volume of 40 to 50 times the initial volume, then these foams are added to the sand and cement slurry inside the concrete.
Note: In order to prevent cracks on the concrete and also to increase the strength of the concrete, watering should be done in the first days of concreting and this should be done at least 2 to 3 times on hot days of the year.
• packing
It is packed in polyethylene barrels of 220 and 1000 liters.
Ementash Company produces the best concrete foams in the region which are very strong foaming solutions that are used in the production of light concrete in the construction industry. By using this solution, the air bubbles are spread evenly in the cement slurry and a cellular structure is formed throughout the cement slurry, which causes lightweight and unique physical properties in the field of sound and thermal insulation, and also causes an increase in volume up to It is about 8 times in it. The preparation of this concrete is done easily and quickly by mobile and automatic machines. After drying, this concrete will have an air weight of 300 to 1600 kg/m3 according to the percentage of cement, air sand, and foaming agent.
Applications of concrete foams:
Application of foam concrete in the building
Covering and tilting the roofs
Implementation of partitions as prefabricated َand in placeَ
Implementation of prefabricated and in-situ false ceilings
Construction of non-load-bearing concrete blocks for roof and wall
Implementation of roofs and cold walls of houses, greenhouses, and acoustic rooms
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