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AFFF – ICAO Level B Foam


Fire Extinguish

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It is used for hydrocarbon organic components, especially in the aviation industry.  It is used by ordinary line educators to make low expansion foam with a maximum ratio of 1 – 20 folds, in order to make a thick layer of resistant and flexible film on burning liquids.
General Properties
Viscosity (c.st) at 20ºc
10 ± 5
Density ( gr/cc ) at 20ºc
1.02 ± 0.02
pH  at 20ºc
7 ± 1
Min. temp. (ºc)
-15 ºc
Max. temp. (ºc)
+50 ºc
Notice: Above specifications can be adjusted as per customer´s requests.
Handling and storage
It is packed in 60, & 220-lit plastic drums. It is also packed in a metallic drum, but our recommendation is a plastic drum. Avoid storing its package in direct sunlight. Do not use hooks or care of dropping drums.
Safety and hazard considerations
Inhalation              : No experimental data
Skin contact          : No adverse effects
Human health       : No adverse effects
Physical & chemical hazard: Nonflammable
Environment Hazards: No adverse effects